Portland Helmich


"Portland Helmich is a godsend of a media coach, especially for someone like me, who'd rather open her mouth for the dentist than a TV reporter. Not only did this multi-talented TV host help me relax on camera, she helped me get comfortable with the interview process from start to finish. As a veteran print journalist, I didn't think I needed help writing soundbites for radio and TV, but I was wrong. With Portland's help, my soundbites achieved a pithiness I never could have achieved on my own. When I say, 'I can't thank Portland enough,' I'm not just saying it. I really, really mean it!"

Jean Fain, Harvard Medical School psychotherapist and author of "The Self-Compassion Diet"

“Portland Helmich is the ideal host. She does her homework, asks provocative questions, and listens. And because she listens, she’s willing to go off script. We had an actual conversation. Because she was genuinely interested, our dialogue was genuinely interesting. The time whizzed by and frankly I wanted more -- and from the response I got, so did the audience.”

Nancy Slonim Aronie, creator of the Chilmark Writing Workshop, author of Writing from the Heart

“I've been interviewed by Portland 4 or 5 times for different shows she's hosted and produced. Portland's the kind of host every author wants to be interviewed by. Her research is unusually thorough and her questions insightful. She has a way of drawing out the absolute best of a person. At once, she puts you at ease and, at the same time, you feel more tapped in than ever. Everyone, audience included, leaves a little more enlightened.”

Lisa Tener, book writing coach, co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Anger

 "Portland is just what an author, consultant, or celebrity wants in a host - smart, thoughtful, delightfully provocative. An interview with Portland feels like an intelligent conversation." 

Jeffrey Davis, founder of Tracking Wonder Consulting, author of The Journey from the Center to the Page

“It all starts with a great voice. Portland has a very smooth delivery and a wonderful sense of tone and tempo. I've always respected her approach and ongoing care of the craft. She was a pleasure to have on staff here at WGBH for several years. We certainly miss her versatility and the vocal excellence she contributed to the sound of our air.”

Stephen J. Charbonneau, Assistant Program Director, WGBH Radio Boston, 89.7

“Portland is one of the best voice-over narrators I've had the pleasure of working with. In addition to having a great voice, she reads effortlessly, and is extremely directable. My clients love her and request her time and time again.”

Alan Masow, Producer, Cramer Productions

"Working with Portland is always satisfying and fun. As a producer, I find she always brings a high level of professionalism to the job along with an eagerness to make every project her best. As a fellow voiceover artist, I find her strong, smooth, and rich voice so comfortable to listen to. Portland is definitely easy on the ears."

Mark Wile, Producer and Voice-Over Artist, Worth Wile Communications

“Portland Helmich offers a rare combination of abilities. As an on-screen talent and host she exudes intellect, natural charm and trust. Behind the camera, she may be the hardest working producer in television. Portland's dedication and determination bring a level of professionalism that is both rare and refreshing in television production. It's hard to imagine any production that would not benefit greatly from Portland's seemingly endless talents and skills.”

Ken Johnson, VP of Television Production and Programming, Veria TV

"Portland was the driving force behind the creation of the Kripalu Perspectives healthy living podcasts—now one of our most highly-anticipated monthly offerings. As host and producer, she brings a high-level of professionalism and knowledge to every episode. Her ability to ask just the right questions is proof of her dedication to preparation, thorough research, and a genuine interest in what she is doing. Portland’s engaging style and gifted voice draws the audience in—and leaves them wanting more, regardless of who she is interviewing. Working with her is a dream—she continues to deliver a product that far exceeds our expectations!"

Lisa Pletzer, Marketing, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

“Portland is the best. A very professional producer, very thorough.  She’s good in the field, editors love working with her and she’s a very good writer. Never a drama, highly recommended.”

John Tomlin, Showrunner, Dogs 101 & Cats 101, Animal Planet

“Portland combined the very difficult roles of talent and executive producer in charge of content on What’s the Alternative?, a series she created for Veria TV. Each of the 52 shows was produced live to tape, and she was always thoroughly prepared.  Her interview style is genuine, engaging and always leaves the viewer with terrific insight.  She’s a wonderful talent and an excellent producer.”

Dan Cronin, Vice President, National Boston and Exec. Producer in charge of Production on What’s the Alternative?

“Finding stories and subjects that will hold a national audience is a huge challenge--and Portland delivered every time in the segments she produced for New Morning, our Hallmark Channel series. Smart, resourceful, professional, fun to work with. Portland's work is excellent."

John Wackman, Executive Producer, New Morning, Hallmark Channel