Portland Helmich


Portland listens to what you want to say and then helps you say it with confidence, polish, and clarity. She's worked with authors, natural health practitioners, and professionals from a range of fields preparing for television interviews or public presentations.

Having worked as a television producer for many years and trained as an actor, she's keenly aware of how to pare down your message to its essentials, how to create catchy soundbites, and how to present yourself with poise and personality.

She offers coaching around crafting your message (what you want to say) as well as presenting your message (how you want to say it). Body language, vocal quality, facial expressions, and gestures are as important as having a clear message that listeners will remember. To contact Portland Helmich for more information, please click here.


"Portland Helmich is a godsend of a media coach, especially for someone like me, who'd rather open her mouth for the dentist than a TV reporter. Not only did this multi-talented TV host help me relax on camera, she helped me get comfortable with the interview process from start to finish. As a veteran print journalist, I didn't think I needed help writing soundbites for radio and TV, but I was wrong. With Portland's help, my soundbites achieved a pithiness I never could have achieved on my own. When I say, 'I can't thank Portland enough,' I'm not just saying it. I really, really mean it!"

Jean Fain, Harvard Medical School psychotherapist and author of The Self-Compassion Diet