Portland Helmich


Portland has hosted a variety of programs: home improvement, live talk shows, infomercials, magazine travel, job recruitment,


Personally and professionally, Portland's been exploring the world of natural and alternative healing practices


Talk shows.  Infotainment.  News.  Touching human interest tales.  Non-scripted reality television.  Portland tells compelling stories

Voice Over

Portland has lent her voice to commercial and corporate voice-overs for over 15 years.  Her clients include: Fidelity, Hewlett Packard,


Clear, concise, thorough, accurate, sensitive, and human – Portland's writing reflects her personal style. She writes compelling human interest


Portland listens to what you want to say and then helps you say it with confidence, polish, and clarity. She's worked with authors, natural health practitioners, and professionals from a range of fields preparing for television interviews or public presentations.


Portland has brought her voice-over, hosting, and acting skills to the corporate world for over 10 years.