Portland Helmich

Healing Can be Sweet

I have to say, the chocolate was delicious.  Dark and rich -- sweet, but not overly so.  I took some samples home and enjoyed them over a long weekend.  It was recommended that I have three or four pieces a day and “just notice” how I felt.  Two very surprising things happened.  First, I didn’t feel the need to binge on the chocolate.  One or two pieces at a sitting satisfied me.  And second, there was a marked change in my appetite that weekend.  I wasn’t as hungry and therefore ate less. 

So what was I eating and what’s so special about it?  It’s called Xocai (pronounced “show-SIGH”) and it’s made from raw cacao, which contains more antioxidants than just about any food on earth -- the super food of all super foods.  The fact that it’s cold-pressed is significant, I’m told, as the heating process would destroy most of the antioxidants raw cacao contains.  Health-conscious types can rest easy because Xocai (www.mxicorp.com) contains no caffeine, preservatives, fillers, waxes, processed sugars, or trans fats.

“I try to get as many people to take it as I possibly can,” says Shauna Young, Ph.D., a certified traditional naturopath (www.assertivewellness.com) in Durango, Colorado.  Young says raw cacao reduces inflammation and absorbs free radicals, which are linked to hundreds of diseases, including cancer and diabetes.  She’s seen patients who consume just three pieces of Xocai a day (larger people need somewhat more) lower cholesterol and blood sugar, improve sleep, lose weight, and more.

“Why does Xocai help people lose weight?” I asked.  The reasons are many, but it supposedly optimizes nutrition.  In this junk food society, we consume a lot of empty calories, which produces the urge to eat more.  Because raw cacao provides the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals, the body’s urges for additional “fuel” decrease.  Maybe this is why I wasn’t as hungry the weekend I ate Xocai.  “It increases serotonin levels,” Young added, “and cuts carb cravings way back.”

For Suzin Daniel, Xocai really is a super food.  For over 20 years, she suffered from debilitating chronic fatigue that had her bedridden fifty percent of the time.  “My immune system just didn’t work,” she said.  “A breeze outside could send me into bed for a week.”  After two decades of searching, Daniel finally discovered she had Lyme disease, which disappeared after three months of working with Young.  The problem was that Daniel had lingering symptoms.  “I felt like I had the brain of a 90-year-old,” she said. “I’d walk from room to room with notes to help me remember who to call and what to do.”

A friend told her about Xocai and she discussed it with Young, who was impressed by the product’s ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value, one of the most reliable ways to determine the antioxidant potency of a particular food.  (For example, the ORAC value of three Xocai power squares is the same as two pounds of raspberries).

Within five weeks of consuming Xocai, Daniel felt like a different person.  “My brain fog cleared up,” she said.  “I could clear my closets and organize my files.  I hadn’t been able to do that in years.  I never thought I’d have this kind of clarity, strength, and energy back.  The longer I’m on it, the better I feel.”

I haven’t been “on” Xocai except for that one weekend when I tested it out, but I’m impressed enough that I’m going to order some and see what happens.  Xocai is sold through referral marketing, so you can’t buy it in stores.  If you’d like more information, you can check out www.mxicorp.com.

Portland is the creator, host, and executive producer of “What’s the Alternative?” on Veria Living TV.  She also writes for the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.